About Cavish

Pishro Kesht Aryan Company started its activities in September, 2018, with Cavish brand name, aimed at direct supply of rice from paddy field to end markets enjoying its managers’ knowledge and experience at department of sales gained through 50-year as well as direct involvement in agriculture and rice business.

Health, purity, and quality are the most important and constant preoccupations of end-user and rice industry with Iranian rice. Cavish is honored to have fulfilled these needs and has managed to decrease prices through reducing supply chain layers as well as supplying its products directly to its customers.

کشاورز برنج کار کاویش


Branches of Cavish Store

Having chosen restaurants and caterings as its target market at first step, Cavish managed to open its direct rice supply store in Tehran in a short period of time and distribute Cavish products in counties via its end-market agents and got ready to export its products.

We also are proud to announce that our first overseas branch of direct rice supply has started its activities in Canada and we are honored to be in market of Bahrain as well.

Why Cavish?

The most important and distinguishing services of Cavish are high-precision winnowing, three-stage sorting and sieving, and standard and full-automatic packaging.

Capillary distribution and selling products to chain stores in Iran are done with purpose of ease of access for end-users as well as Cavish branches and direct supply of products to consumers.

Cavish also has provided means of online shopping in Iran for those consumers who feel better shopping online.

Cavish Benefits

1.Product return in case of quality problems

2.Product variability

3.Variability of product distribution channels

4.Wholesaling with minimum profit to organizations, restaurants, and business owners

5.Fast response to customers

Board of Directors

Meghdad Mohammadian Amiri

Meghdad Mohammadian Amiri

Head of the Board

Ehsan Shirvani Harandi

International Marketing Manager

Amin Mahmoudvand

Amin Mahmoudvand


Saeed Ghayoumi

Saeed Ghayoumi

Vice President

Reza Gholami

Reza Gholami

Board Member